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Welcome to skellerbvvt the writing journal of gospelofbvvt, but I'm logged into this one more, so err on the side of contacting this username if you feel inclined.

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Also, for those interested in writing outside of fandom, I'm currently editing a nifty awesome book. You can get some sneak peeks and what it's all about at Metempsyche.

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And upon this day, some-years-ago was the Skeller born, and she was crafted of typos and flailing, and the Lord did say "good enough" and sent her off to do good in the world with an affectionate pat on the bum.

And lo, but it was groovy.

Them Gods Gonna Hurt You, Son

Title: Them Gods Gonna Hurt You, Son
Author: skellerbvvt
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, Lancelot/Hunith, Various/Merlin (Gwaine/Merlin, Morgana/Merlin, non-explicit OCs/Merlin), Various (Arthur/Morgause, non-explicit OC’s/Arthur), Freya/Elyan, Non-explicit Leon/OC’s, hinted Gwaine/Elyana, meta-fic Peter/Neal El (White Collar), meta-myth Psyche/Eros, Loki/Sigyn, meta-fairy tale Beauty/Beast, Emperor/Pavi, in-narrative mentions of various other pairings from various other fandoms, in-narrative mentions of fantasy Merlin/Percival and Merlin/Leon, and Merlin/Scarlet O'Hara.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~137,000
Warnings: impact play, derogatory language, terrible psychiatry, bondage, societal expectations in terms of gender and sexuality, terrible (emotionally abusive) parenting, past non-explicit bodily trauma, past emotional trauma, gender confusion, caning, references to bad/traumatic past sexual experiences, brief references to suicide in fictional situations, teen pregnancy in fictional situations, fantastical non-explicit self-harm (in fairy-tale), meta-roleplaying dub-con (partners in a sexual situation viewed as semi-sentient in a fully consensual role-play situation. The scene, however, is not cleared with one the partners prior to scene, but has been previously discussed with partner in a fantasy scenarios), a form of prostitution (hired dom), injury during sex due to unsafe bondage protocol.
Summary For the longest time Arthur and Merlin couldn’t even find an example of another same-dynamic soulbond, much less any particular reason why it happened. So they resolved themselves to learning how to live with it, and learning how to keep that big of a secret. (BDSM AU)
Author's Notes A great deal of thanks to ramtops_witch for being a Folklorist and thus adding in all the folklore bits, and writing me delicious fake academic articles like the BAMF she is. Spicy hot and glorious thanks to bottledminx for making the Glass graphics more badass, general handholding and BETAing. A whipped cream sundae of gratitude for linnet_melody for BETAing, handholding, cheerleading and general awesomeness and everyone can join me in a cuddle pile of love on top of accentmarkd for the photography (which was not for this story, but she was, as always, completely fine with me adulterating her work for my own ends).

Additional thanks to Tink_Sky_Reid for popping in last minute to create some lovely artwork for this story! See it all here at her journal

Title from “The Pantheon” by Darren Korb, because I blame Bastion for why this story took me so long to write, alongside my own inability to stop making more words happen.
Story link: On a03 because Lord Knows I'm not splitting 137,000 words into 10,000 word chapters. NOT. HAPPENING.
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to BBC Merlin canon.

All I Ever Need Is BETA Help

HI everybody!

As we are all aware, I apparently vanished off the face of the planet for a few months. This is because I'm doing paperlegends this year and, true to form, I took one look at the 30,000 word minimum and went CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. So my fic is, at current time, 72,000 words. I'm. I'm good. At things.

The problem is, of course, that (as we are also all aware) I am terrible with SPAG errors, staying in the same tense, remembering to finish sentences. Forgetting words. How punctuation works. You know. English. That sort of thing. bottledminx is helping, but, you know, it's 72,000 words and not done yet. And posting starts August 1st. Poor little darling needs help. So if anyone. Anyone would like. To help? That would be basically be the greatest thing ever.
Title Ascertaining The Relative Safety of One's Environment
Summary When Tony wakes up he likes kissing someone. It's not the weirdest thing in the world. It's just happens to be the weirdest thing in the world that Bruce is willing to think about right now.
Rating General
Warnings None
Genre Fluff
Pairing Tony/Kissing (Tony/Pepper, Tony/Bruce)
Note Written for foxxcub's Avenger's Kissing Meme. Some lovely post-production BETAing by kakareen.
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2011 End of Year Fic Review

HELLO AGAIN. IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. It's still January so I'm totally actualfax on time, shut your lie-holes.

Once again I'll archive as many of the Kink Meme fills as I can, but a lot of my Kink Meme stuff is actually not on the Kink Meme and instead on cherrybina's journal because...reasons.

I define "long" as anything that has made me sob with it's longness. Which was a lot of things. Most "Rule Ten" this was the year of the "Rule Ten" basically. Actually. I am making a prediction that most of everything I wrote was that, considering you can go back one page in my journal and find the 2010 end of year fic review.

See how I love your f-lists, I refrain from hurting themCollapse )

Bash Them Together Like Toy Trucks

Title Bash Them Together Like Toy Trucks
Summary Wherein Arthur has his eyes opened to the possibility of having Merlin at the same time that he realizes that's what he's been wanting.
Relationship Gwaine/Merlin/Arthur
Rating NC-17
Warnings None.
Genre Smut, Romance
Kinks Threesome, a bit of voyeurism.
Note I haven’t posted anything since my birthday. That is ridiculous.

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Tell me how pretty I am. You don't need to know what I look like. Empty praise is delicious. I'm a middle child, I don't understand the difference between good/bad or sincere/insincere attention. It is all for me. It is all my attention and I will bash it together like toy trunks in the sandbox of my brain.

Of Restoration

Gift Fic
TitleOf Restoration
Summary Arthur was the Crown Prince, heir to the Throne and all the responsibilities that entailed. There could be no other, High Priestess had said, according to his mother. If Arthur did not take the throne when his Father died, then there simply wouldn’t be a throne; there wouldn’t be a Camelot. There was nothing for a future where Arthur didn’t rule. As far as Arthur understood, this was unprecedented. There was always meant to be a King, yes, just as there was always meant to be a High Priestess, but the person to fill that role was incidental, except now. Now it mattered.
Rating NC-17
Relationship Merlin/Arthur/Knights pile of love
Genre magic-is-totally-okay-AU (wherein magic is totally okay and everyone is fine with it and everything is fine except for that bit about the monsters), angst, kink, porn, romance, monsters.
Kinks Gangbang (but in a loving, consensual sort of way)
Note written for ramtops_witch’s birthday. I LOVE YOU. I HAVE TO GET UP TOMORROW TO MAKE 500 COOKIES, BUT THIS. THIS IS FOR YOU.
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"Addict" Used To Mean "Slave"

Title "Addict" Used To Mean "Slave."
Prompt “Arthur/Merlin, Merlin is an addict and Arthur is his drug. Could be set during the show or a modern AU.”
Rating R
Relationship Arthur/Merlin
Summary No one said they were addicted to air. That was just how they were made. Merlin wasn't much different, in that respect.
Genre Dark, Smut
Note Originally titled “YOU CAN'T SNORT ARTHUR IN A CLUB BATHROOM. PEOPLE NOTICE THAT SHIT” because you can’t. As people would. They would notice that.
UnBETA’d because this is a thing that just happened, and now it’s a thing that just happened that is slightly longer. Work with me here, people.

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